Hello and welcome to my wealth health and prosperity website. I have always been drawn to    the idea of wealth and similarly health, which in turn amounts to prosperity. It is a way of life that is attainable and something we can all have. 

When I was a young child I was lucky enough to have a comfortable upbringing. But this was on the surface and underneath there were many hidden values I absorbed that affected me and my later life choices. Although my childhood provided many material comforts, some unhelpful ideas were embedded in my psyche. It doesn’t matter how you were brought up as we all deserve to have a wealthy, healthy and prosperous life. 

First and foremost on this website I share the knowledge I have learnt over the years and how to apply different methodologies to your life, who ever you are and from wherever you have come from. We are all different yet we share many of the same values and wishes.

Inside out

The statement your outer world will transform when your inner world develops” is something I have been working on for the last 25 years. It is a continuous path of ups and ups with the occasional down and all depends upon how much time and effort you put into working on your inner self. 

I began working on my inner world when our first daughter was born thinking if I make myself a better person hopefully this will reflect on her and our other children’s futures. One lesson I had to learn was the things you wish for and desire may come to you but often in unexpected ways. This is a good thing as we are continually learning and discovering and that is the joy of being human. 

The world is always changing.

Oprah Winfrey says “Change is the one constant we can be sure of” and in the fast paced busy world of today it is nice to have some comfort and assurance our future looks bright. This can be done with some work and flexibility to view the future as something positive rather than negative. To protect ourselves as we are constantly fed negative facts from the media with their scare mongering tactics and it is important to build a resilient inner world.

This helps us feel secure and wealth can mean many things as this and good health are one of the top things we wish for as human beings. Along with loving and caring relationships as we are hard wired to belong to something, somewhere, someone or part of a group. If we are content with our social relationships and feel a sense of connection we can feel happiness and security. 

A moment of reflection.

One of the many things I have learnt is to appreciate what we have and gratitude is a powerful tool for attracting prosperity into our lives. There are many ways and things we can work on to improve our outer and inner lives and this website gives a good overview of products I have tested and my thoughts giving you a platform to begin your journey to attain the wealth, health and prosperity. Things you may wish for such as, creature comforts, relationships, security, embracing the future and many more. 

Good luck on your personal journey and keep trying as good results come with persistence and dedication. No person ever got to where they are without working and staying on track. So delve in and try something that attracts you as the first step is to take action. 

Bon chance,


Alexandra Connelley – Founder of wealthhealthprosperity.com

Alexandra Connelley

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