Can our body self heal – raise your energy levels

Our miraculous body

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”. Buddha

Life is an amazing and precious thing, from the instant we are created it is a miraculous event that begins with the getting together of two cells one male and one female. It is through our inner body intelligence that is able to grow these two cells into a human being.

Plus, it is allegedly possible for our body to heal itself and work along with the laws of nature.  Many self-help gurus say all we have to do is tune into our inner psyche and energy and that it is a straightforward process. This just requires our intention to change our health and wealth both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (Mind Valley blog –

Ways to lift our energy level onto a higher frequency.

There are five things you can do to uplift yourself and change your energy to be re-directed to healing such as:

*sit still and become aware of your breath,

*take your hands, put them in-front of you and rub them together for 30-60 seconds and smile, *then pull them apart facing each other for a few inches and feel the energy,

*close your eyes and see if you can move the energy from your arms into your body and see if you *can keep the energy in your body for a few minutes and direct it to an area that needs healing (Mind Valley Blog –

Work on yourself and feel better

When you do healing work on yourself one of the many things that often comes up is to do a vision board or write an imaginary story of how you would like your life to be. At the time this just seems like a nice exercise but, later on I have realised it is because it is a way of getting you to tap into a feeling of happiness and contentment that is hard to obtain in any other way. The more we can bring good feelings into our life we the higher we raise our energy and ability to attract good things. You have to follow the feeling. (Christie Marie Sheldon ‘Unlimited Abundance’- Mind Valley).

For instance, it has often been reported that one of the first things to happen when people work on themselves is that people say they feel better about their life. This in turn raises their vibrations to a higher level – which means they attract good things to themselves and in turn makes them feel good.   Applying the powerful feeling of gratitude.

Serendipity and higher level of consciousness

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle

I thought it was serendipity but, It is only now that I have been doing some inner work on myself that I have discovered what really happened to me.

Like many people, when I was in my twenties I decided to do some traveling. I saved up, bought a ticket and organised my life to experience different cultures. I arrived in a new city with nothing except a few contacts from family and friends. I opened a bank account, traveled for a month and settled into a new city for at least a few months. Somehow, when I arrived in the city everything just fell into place, I am a decorative painter and was able to get many jobs and be really well-paid, I found a really nice place to live overlooking the harbour and I fell in love (and we have now been married to for 30 years).

At the time, I just felt the stars had aligned and this was something that only happens once in a while in your life.

But, just the other day I learnt the reason we do various self-help exercises was to give us a feeling of contentment and happiness to raise our level of consciousness, It then dawned on me that what happened to me wasn’t serendipity but due to a my raised level of consciousness. Just through the act of moving to a new country, meeting new people and not worrying about consequences, things just fell into my lap.

Create energy from the Hawkins table of consciousness


Similarly,  some days everything just falls into place and we seem to be lined up for success. This could be due to our energy that arises from simple choices, as every day we wake up we make decisions and these can determine our outlook for the remainder of the day

We can imagine we start the day with 100 points and how you live your day determines how you spend your points. For instance, we get plus points for loving kindness and gratitude and minus points for doing unkind things etc.

As you can see by the Hawkins chart peace, love and joy are close to enlightenment with fear, desire and apathy close to the bottom. An easy way to raise your level of consciousness to a higher vibration is through gratitude.

The frequency of energy of gratitude –

Gratitude is on a frequency similar to the energy of peace or abundance (500 – 600) on the Hawkins scale. When we tap into being grateful we ‘turn on’ a powerful frequency that is at the essence to all of life. All we have to do is express gratitude that leads to high a frequency which attracts abundance, light, and limitless opportunities to your life  (situation, creations and relationships).

Hence, we can ask if we practice being grateful will it bring healing and unlimited abundance into our lives? Einstein allegedly stated “We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. In other words, it could be suggested the making of our problems manifests from a lower level frequency and through gratitude we raise our level of consciousness.  From that level we could heal ourselves or at the least attract some good into our lives.

As the happier we are the higher level of conscious we have, which leads to a good energy circling through our body. This is positive as a preventative method rather than a healing mechanism.

This means it is important to keep working on our inner world to keep healthy.

In fact, our bodies are complex organisms and there may be many factors that contribute to health and illness and it is usually a combination of many things. Our health is precious and we are obliged to do as much as one can to preserve our good health as it is one of our most valuable resources. It is always favourable to raise your energy and conscious levels.

One way is to practice the feelings of gratitude in your life. Maybe test to see if you feel more energetic when you lead your life from a perspective of gratitude? I have tried it at different times and like most things it is dedication and determination that leads to positive results.

“Healthy self – Heal thy self”

However, some patterns and habits are really hard to break and a good place to start is by integrating as much gratitude into your daily lives as possible. Accordingly, I work on myself as much as I can and do many self-help courses and exercises.

As I work on myself, it becomes an arc of inner transformation that leans towards wisdom and goodness and not only is it good for me but also for society in general. As when we work on ourselves we give out a positive energy and one person with good energy and intentions can have an affirmative effect on hundreds of thousands of other people. One way to integrate gratitude into your life is by keeping a physical or mental journal.


Practice being grateful: A gratitude journal 

Ask yourself the questions below before you go to sleep and write them in your journal. It helps remove any negative energy from the day and sends you to sleep with an appreciation for the things you have.

Gratitude questions

*What happened today that I am most grateful for?

*Name three things that I’m proud of myself for that I did or said today?

*What is present NOW in my life that I am grateful for?

Sometimes we do these as a family at dinner then you can revisit them before you go to bed.

Journal practice:

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes

Breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 4, breathe out for 6 seconds and repeat this for 5 -10 cycles.

Take your journal and say one of the questions out loud and quietly listen for the answers.

Ask another question and write until you feel/experience the energy of gratitude filling your space, your room, your mind, heart and body.

Allow this energy to grow, filling your bed, dream time space, room, house, neighbourhood, next day, week, next year etc.

Expand and allow the frequency of gratitude to fill you, add it to your creations, job, relationships, parenting, energy, work etc

Tap into this frequency during the day as your forget about it, or it drops

Tap into it before a big meeting, tough conversation, driving etc

Repeat NIGHTLY, DAILY, and notice how the frequency of gratitude adds ease, light, levity and abundance to your life.

(Christine Hildebrand from Life Foundations – ).

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please share your stories of serendipity or life from a raised level of conscious.

All the best,


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  1. Wow! I love this post. I’ve only recently discovered some breathing techniques and a bit of meditation. You’re absolutely right! There is so much to be thankful for. We should be more aware of it and by saying it load or writing it down you’re actually even more aware of it. Take nothing for granted! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Angelique,

      I really appreciate your comments and I am glad you have discovered some breathing techniques and meditation. It goes so well with your website everything you want to know about running, well worth reading and press on the name to take you straight there,

      All the best,


    1. Thanks Marie, we are lucky to have so much information at our fingertips to try as many techniques as possible. Plus, for us to take care of our body and our skin as it is so important for our wellbeing, as seen in your website Skinbar (press on the name Marie and it is a link straight to the skinbar website and well worth a read).

      All the best,


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