runningYour health is wealth – health can lead to wealth of all types.

Please read this post with an open mind and the objective is to accept everybody for who they are. We are all different and on our own journey so, whether your health is good or you are suffering from an illness the intention is to encourage critical thinking and follow the path best suited to you. 

‘Health is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver” Mahatma Gandhi

It is true to have a healthy body and be in good health is the most valuable thing we can have and yet at the same time we need money to take care of ourselves.  You can live well on no income and exercise for free but is that enough? Healthy food is nutritious and expensive. So what should we concentrate on, earning enough money to be able to afford treatments and healthy and delicious food or minimise the stress to have less money but can’t afford the healthier food and lifestyle?

In addition, there are many people who have grown up on the bare essentials and seem to be in excellent health. At the same time, there are materially wealthy people who are in terrible health. So the question is, can you be healthy or heal yourself with little money?  

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Health is wealth 

Good health is wealth and there is no arguing that, but for different reasons our bodies are not always in perfect health. It is a bonus if you wake up feeling great and are able and do the things you need and want to do. Maybe that’s going to work, or taking care of your kids, or going to yoga class to mention a few. 

But the truth is even if we have ideal health we often wake up feeling different every day. Some days we have a perfect sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, whereas on other days we feel sluggish and just can’t get going.  

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Individual health journeys

There are so many healthy treatments and retreats on the market place and some people swear by them however they often cost a lot of money. Including eating well with a diet full of organic fresh fruit, vegetables and a good source of protein. 

Personally, I find it expensive to keep up with all the ‘healthy’ things such as fresh produce, vegetables and a good source of protein. Plus, there is the cost of visiting the health practitioner, whether it be a traditional doctor or new age therapy plus the medicines or therapies they recommend. 

My story

A few years ago I contracted a serious auto-immune disease (not life threatening) but it has left me with difficult lifelong aftereffects such as arthritis throughout my body. This impacts my everyday life as my hands are distorted, by ankles hurt if I stand too long and I cannot bend my knees to sit on the ground. This is my story and many people have much worse things to deal with as everyone is an individual and different. 

However, with my arthritis I am limited to ways of earning money and many jobs I wish to do such as working in a shop or help care for elderly people (I need strength to deal with the elderly who often have balance problems) are unavailable to me. I am also middle aged and this limits ones employment prospects. Hence, I do not have a large income to pursue the natural treatments I would like for my disease. 

Unfortunately life isn’t fair and there are many people with worse problems than mine but everything is relative.

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Be healthy on little money

There are many stories of people trying to afford the treatments they need and this does not help deal with challenging diseases. However, sometimes we can find things for free such as self help websites that offer free sample videos. Although the intention is for you to buy the product at the end, it can also be a good thing as it gives you a taste of something that may help you.  I listen to the videos with a notebook and take down relevant points and read them back later. 

Sometimes serendipity works, if you want or need the money to buy the video or course it can often turn up in unexpected ways. Life can surprise us too and if we keep reading uplifting stories from other people the same thing may may happen to us. Or put out intentions as this generally works. Often you try a technique and you get no results, then try it again later and it works second or third time round with a good result. Our mind, health and wealth are connected and can be complicated as well as surprisingly straightforward. 

Keep working on yourself.

“Work on inner world or you will go without” (anonymous).

We live in a ‘time poor society’ but one thing we can all invest in is our own self development. It can take as little as following up on one idea that will result in something. Just a little bit of help can lead to hope. As the one thing that is important to the human race is hope. 

I find a thread of hope is probably the greatest benefit of any work on yourself as it gives you a path to follow.

I also want to acknowledge again every person’s journey with their health is personal and it is always best to work on your own path as an individual.

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Owning your health

Interestingly, the thing I found hardest about having a serious illness was the way everybody related to me. I lost a lot of weight at one stage whilst following various diets such as the anti-inflammatory diet (these were well monitored by professional practitioners).  Although, I felt I was on the right path many of my friends and family weren’t very considerate and started worrying and telling me I had an eating disorder. They were also quite vocal about what practitioners I should be seeing and telling me the one’s I should not listen to. It was as if my illness became public property. However, I do understand the place they were coming from was one of love and care but, it really didn’t help and I felt like I wanted to keep quiet and not tell anyone anything. 

Free websites and webinars 

When listening to the free video’s and webinars website’s offer be careful and remember they will often want you to sign up to a course or supplement at the end. At the same time, if you can take notes on a document or piece of paper this is invaluable and read your notes back in the next couple of days. They could be helpful offering interesting tips as most self-help websites have the intention of helping people heal.

For instance,  Donna Eden works with energy and healing, Christy Marie Sheldon and works with all types of abundance. These can be found individually or at the Mind Valley online university website.  Follow links or google yourself and see what you can find. 


I have done many courses through different people and I am a bit suspicious of things at first but found the Mind Valley courses are excellent. It is a legitimate site and a great place of learning. Founder Vishen Lakhiani is passionate about helping as many people as possible with the intention that the greater amount of people who tap into higher energies the better it is for the health of the universe. 


One area to start working on is meditation and it is free. Many people suggest they are not able to meditate but this is often due to pressure we put upon ourselves and if we let go of expectations then we can end up meditating without realising it. 

There are quite a few free meditations you can listen to on the internet or even just sit still for five minutes and listen to your breathing in and out. It is surprisingly calming. You can also follow your body up and down breathing in a positive breath and sending it to each area of the body. 

Or find an area outside or inside where there is nature such as a local park. Just to sit under a tree and look at the sky through the branches helps us relax and to listen to your breath at the same time is a form of meditation. 

You don’t need to follow a guided meditation app but it can be helpful. It is best to research yourself and some of the more popular meditation apps are Headspace, Calm, Insight Timer, to name a few. Keep looking and the right thing will find you. 

Maybe you could borrow a CD or book from your local library. I borrow things regularly and make use of the resources available for free. 

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Work on both your health and your wealth and they will both improve

“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path” Buddha

One of the most important things I have learnt is that when I work to improve one area of my life it automatically affects other areas and enhances them. Accordingly, if I do inner work on my wealth it helps improve my health and visa versa. Plus, there is the added bonus as the quote by Buddha suggests to work on yourself helps all of those around you too. 

Start now

“A year from now you will wish you had started today” Karen Lamb. 

Whether you are in good health or need to work on it remember all the work you do on yourself will be beneficial, especially things that raise our levels of joy and happiness such as meditation.

Also, it is worth bearing in mind we seem to fluctuate between good and less good days, so if one day you feel you have a breakthrough then, the next day everything seems worse, keep on your healing health/wealth journey it is worth it. Two steps forward, one step backwards.

Please remember this is all important but, first discuss anything you may be worried about with your professional medical practitioner.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome below as this is just advice from my personal experience and if I you would like to add to these ideas I would love to hear from you. 



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